Welcome to MetaMOREphosis‬ day 2


Lessons from above

GiftFromGod1God has a funny way of teaching lessons. He will rub your wound until it is bloody raw. He will rub it until it is numb, he will dig it out until he pulls the infection out of it. He will ensure that whatever is left in you concerning that incident is gone. God will do anything necessary to get you to the next stage in life. This is the current lesson. It was a lesson that I did not see coming. I mean I knew I would have to deal with something; but I did not see this coming. We always believe that we can put God in a box, I didn’t consciously do this, but maybe I did. I figured I could handle what was coming my way. I didn’t think I would need God’s assistance as much as I do. God has a funny way of making you believe your are helping someone, when you are really helping yourself. In helping one, I help myself. I let God pull the infection out of my life and allow him to build in me what he sees fit not what I want.  Now who said this would be easy. It’s one of the hardest thing to allow things to be exposed in you and remain in control of yourself. Other will test you, they will do this knowingly and unknowingly. It’s up to you, you make the decision concerning your life. Make the choice..It’s up to you.

Dear God 6/14/14

puzzle-treeToday I a struggling with me, I do not know if I am coming or going. My mind see’s a million parts of me that needs to be fixed and I don’t know where to start. I feel so self conscious about everything. My short comings always seem to come to the surface. I feel as if everyone can see through me, I feel as if they can see all my flaws. I know that they can’t but I feel like I’m a walking contradiction. There are times that I feel like a fraud, like everything I stand for is fake. Yes, I am faking it until I make it, but somehow that doesn’t always seem right to fake it.  It seems self defeating at times, sometimes seeing one’s shortcomings are the best way to grow. I am in a position where either I fake it or make it. Faking it make me feel like I live in a see though house and not doing it is not an option. With this puzzle growing daily in my mind, I am seeking guidance from God for purpose.  I am seeking peace and I am seeking wisdom on this journey. God, I ask that you continue to hold my hand as I walk in these cloudy places. During this journey, different parts of me are being revealed. Like the facet of a diamond are revealed in different light settings. I am being exposed daily with trials of life. The light exposes all the dark places and makes me shine even brighter. This is not an easy walk, but it is doable. Am I ready, as always the answer is no. But, I am willing, lets go.©

Is there anyone who relates to this? Holla at me.


Dear God.. 2/21/15

strength_motivational_quoteThis week has been a challenge, I have been stretched more than I am comfortable with. There seems to be a building up and a tearing down in the same instance. I have overcome in one instance and still learning in another instance. I feel like I’m being pulled in two directions. I sometimes wonder where is this road taking me. It’s all in the masters hands. God give me the wisdom to move in the direction you would have me move. Allow love to flow through me and penetrate into others. I am a vessel to be used for your glory. ©