Welcome to MetaMOREphosis‬ day 2


Dear God 6/14/14

puzzle-treeToday I a struggling with me, I do not know if I am coming or going. My mind see’s a million parts of me that needs to be fixed and I don’t know where to start. I feel so self conscious about everything. My short comings always seem to come to the surface. I feel as if everyone can see through me, I feel as if they can see all my flaws. I know that they can’t but I feel like I’m a walking contradiction. There are times that I feel like a fraud, like everything I stand for is fake. Yes, I am faking it until I make it, but somehow that doesn’t always seem right to fake it.  It seems self defeating at times, sometimes seeing one’s shortcomings are the best way to grow. I am in a position where either I fake it or make it. Faking it make me feel like I live in a see though house and not doing it is not an option. With this puzzle growing daily in my mind, I am seeking guidance from God for purpose.  I am seeking peace and I am seeking wisdom on this journey. God, I ask that you continue to hold my hand as I walk in these cloudy places. During this journey, different parts of me are being revealed. Like the facet of a diamond are revealed in different light settings. I am being exposed daily with trials of life. The light exposes all the dark places and makes me shine even brighter. This is not an easy walk, but it is doable. Am I ready, as always the answer is no. But, I am willing, lets go.©

Is there anyone who relates to this? Holla at me.


The Lost art of Feminity

womanThe biggest misconception I constantly hear about wearing waist beads is that you have to be a size 0 with a flat stomach. Which is the farthest from the truth. Women of all ages and sizes wear waist beads! I have Grandmothers and women who have 52” size waists buying my waist beads. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a flat stomach, because they are for YOU to wear. I’m a size 0 and I don’t wear my beads for show. I wear them for me and for who I want to see them.

Traditionally worn under clothes by African women, waist beads have several different meanings. Ranging from rites of passage, to enticing your husband to healing and rejuvenation. The art of adorning ones self has been practiced since the beginning of time. In Egypt, waist beads were called “girdles”. All the women wore them and it was a uniform for pre-pubescent girls with out any sexual connotation. But usually servants or dancers wore them and are shown in wall relief’s wearing them and nothing else!

In West Africa, waist beads have several names.; Jel-Jelli, Jigeda, Giri-Giri, Djalay Djalay or Yomba. They’re always worn under clothes. In Ghana women knew that waist beads helped form their body into a particular shape and adult women wear beads to sexually stimulate the male. In other parts of West Africa, women would wear waist beads with bells on them, and when they walked it would make a jingling noise. Dipping them in oil scented the beads.

When you add stones, waist beads take on healing qualities. Depending on ailment or what needs to be enhanced (i.e. love, physic powers, balancing), various semi-precious stones can be included in the design of your waist beads.

It’s only now in modern times, that waist beads are becoming more visible. Pants are getting lower and lower, and women are showing more skin than ever. So why not adorn this blank canvas with beautiful beads. But if showing your stomach in not for you, it’s still all good. You can take glee in knowing that you are wearing something special and beautiful. I always tell women when you buy fancy lingerie; you wear them under your clothes for you or who you would like to see them. Waist beads are exactly the same!



Please do not use manufacturer clothing sizes as a gauge for your waist size. Each brand varies in sizes and is not an accurate measurement. For a more precise size, please use measuring tape.

Measure yourself on bare skin with measuring tape; where you would like your beads to fall. Make sure the measuring tape is snug, but not tight and not to loose. Please stand up straight and don’t suck it in!!

If you’ve never worn waist beads before, measure right below your belly button. If you have a tummy, measure underneath it. Measure lower if you would like your beads to fall lower. If you would like your beads to be worn over clothes, measure as above but over clothes.

If you will be wearing your waist beads to help you lose weight, measure on your tummy. As you loose weight, they will begin to fall.
Please measure yourself correctly. Orders placed that need a larger adjustment are subject to a fee depending on size difference and style, and will be charged for labor and material, as well as an additional shipping charge of $8.  Adjustments to be made smaller are free of charge. Customer pays $8 for domestic return shipping.




The pain has a Purpose

clayI have learned that childish immaturity is often manifested in characteristic such as rebellion and stubbornness. These attributes defined me more often then I’d like to admit. I wanted my own way, I believed my thinking was always right. Since I have the education, I felt I knew everything; I was prideful. I believed I was better than a lot of people. I believed that since I worked hard to get where I am, it made me stand out from everyone else. However, maturity has taught me something different. Maturity is defined as having or showing the mental and emotional qualities of an adult. Spiritual maturity is manifested in submission. Submission is a funny word, Webster defines submission as: “the state of being obedient: the act of accepting the authority or control of someone else.” That’s a mouth full for me, I was never one to submit. I remember a past boyfriend used to say, “there is power in submission.” I never understood, I felt as if he was trying to control me, and in a sense he was. However, that statement rings true, there is power in submission, power if one submits to the God given authorities.  This means your boss at work, the pastor anyone who is in authority. God is the one who gives authority in every realm. There is power in submitting to the authority that God entrusts over your life at certain times. It can be a challenge to submit to people you feel are not worthy of submitting too. They could be your boss, parents, or church leaders. God put them in authority, and it is for us to honor those in authority roles.

I have at times been stubborn and rebellious; I have attempted to live life my own way. This often led to periods of resentment and pain, for myself and my family. I have occasionally turned my back on God due to disappointment’s and perceived hurts. I knew best, right? I was wrong, God knew best, and he had to show me over and over again, that he was in control. There have been times I felt as if the authority figures in my life meant where meant to harm me, and at times I believed they did not know what they were doing. I have talked behind their backs, attempted to discredit them, but the fact remained true, they were over me and I needed to heed or leave. I had a choice to make, at times I choose to leave, in other moments I choose to heed to their instruction.

I said all this to say, it has been a journey. I often feel just like the clay on the potter’s wheel. I am made, and remade, He shapes me and then breaks me down to mold a new creation. Just when I believe God is done, here comes another breaking and rebuilding point. Needless to say, it has been frustrating; if I can be honest, and It has been scary. It has been dark, it has been lonely, and I have felt what seemed like endless fear. Nevertheless, the breaking down and building up has been good for me; I feel like a different woman. I feel as if God trusts me with his valued possessions. I have a long way to go, but I am on my way.

The question now is, will I continue you be made whole? This question is deeper then it sounds. Yes, I will, and with that “YES” will come many more moments of continued building and breaking down. Am I ready, no; but I’m going nevertheless.

What I want you to take away from this reading is that :

  • God’s power lives inside of us, God is the potter and we are the clay
  • He knows what he is doing, even when we think that we are a mess and could never be used.
  • Our failures this will lead us more towards God
  • We only change when we feel or experience the pain of our own actions
  •  Authority is set in place for specific reasons ©

Enjoy Life,