She Divorced Me Because I Left Dishes by the Sink

Must Be This Tall To Ride

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It seems so unreasonable when you put it that way: My wife left me because sometimes I leave dishes by the sink.

It makes her seem ridiculous; and makes me seem like a victim of unfair expectations.

We like to point fingers at other things to explain why something went wrong, like when Biff Tannen crashed George McFly’s car and spilled beer on his clothes, but it was all George’s fault for not telling him the car had a blind spot.

This bad thing happened because of this, that, and the other thing. Not because of anything I did!

Sometimes I leave used drinking glasses by the kitchen sink, just inches away from the dishwasher.

It isn’t a big deal to me now. It wasn’t a big deal to me when I was married. But it WAS a big deal to her.

Every time she’d walk into the kitchen…

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Co-Pays for BHRS: Another attempt to destroy the BHRS system in Pennsylvania

Steve Kossor

To the friends of the Institute for Behavior Change:

I have been in touch with Federal and national advocacy officials about the co-pay scheme announced by DPW on Saturday, August 11th, and they agree that there are significant “questions” that need to be answered before this should be implemented.  Since no parent can be denied Behavioral Health Rehabilitation Services (BHRS, mistakenly called “wraparound services” in Pennsylvania) if they are unable or unwilling to pay a co-pay, the scheme requires Medicaid-contracted insurance companies to simply deduct the amount of the co-pay from the payments made to the providers, resulting in the reduction in costs that the state wants, but the first people who will lose out will be the BHRS providers, who will effectively be forced to work for less than the pay rate set in 1992.  Then, more and more children and their families will lose the effective treatment…

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