Super Man

Whbatmanen I see this photo I see a man protecting a strong capable woman. she knows who she is and what her purpose is, however he is not intimated by her and he knows his job is to protect her. He knows that she is able to strong arm the bad guy and that they are teammates in the war. This woman is gifted with a variety of superhuman powers with superior combat and battle skills. She has done battle with enemies great and small and always wins. This man understands that his job is to protect her from all enemies, no matter how strong and capable she appears. He knows that inside that she is a fragile woman who needs to be held and wants a strong man to protect her fragile parts. He knows that before he met her she slayed many dragons, but knows that now that he is here she can rest and he stands as her protected body guard. She can put her weapons down and rest knowing that he would always be there to protect her beauty, 

I’m waiting for mines…He is coming, I can feel it.


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