The broken hearted girl

This song reminds me of my painful childhood; it brings to memory things that I wish I could forget. The vivid images are gone; but, the scars have not fully healed. I believed I was okay, until I heard this song. This song brings tears to my eyes, not because of what happened, but because of the lyrics. This songs brings the memory back, but in a new way.  This song reminds me that no matter how horrible the situation,God is with me. He is able to restore my break heart, my broken life and my broken memories.  I know I continue to heal daily, but this song takes me back to that place for some reason. Maybe to remind me that I can’t heal myself or maybe to remind me of my purpose. Whatever the reason I am open to it. I know you’re  thinking, why listen to the song. I listen to this song because it breaths hope into my atmosphere. I was broken, I was violated and left to spiritually, mentally and emotionally die. And for a long time I was dead only pretending to be alive. But now I know who lives in me I can truely face tomorrow. God is my restoration. god is my rock, he is my restoration and He is the only one who was there for me when everyone else left. For that I am grateful.


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