The moonlight of my Life


As the moonlight shines on my face from the window, I smile thinking of the possibilities that await me. I am finally at peace with my world. I have come to an understanding that I am a twinkle in my Father’s eye. I AM loved even when I feel otherwise. I am gifted, talented, lovely, smart and I am fun. I realize that nothing can stop me once I put my mind to something. I realized that I do not have to worry about anything, I am well taken care of and my Father is the King of Kings. I am so elated that I finally slowed down and am now visualizing the power of my world. I am finally seeing the twinkle in my own eye and am so proud of myself. I am someone that was told “You Can’t” but I have proved that I CAN and will do anything that I put my mind too. I am a celebrity in my own eyes and no one can change that. The moonlight in my world is slowly emerging and I can’t wait to see how bright it get in the dark world. I am open to life and all the things that are in store for me. I am so grateful.


The day the Light came on..

Wondering through life trying to intensify my colors.

Waiting for the patience to understand what is really going on.

I look around at all the unfamiliar faces that stare in my direction with question om there faces.

They look with discontent because they perceive me to be other then who I am.

I stare back with a tilted head and wondering in my heart.

Where does this hate come from, why am I the target.

I have been through hell and back with my sanity in tact and a semi pure heart.

i haven’t done anything to those who pick me apart because their lives are different them mines.

I have climbed this ladder called life, i have fell down but I have gotten up with scars to prove.

The scars are invisible to the naked eye, But as i touch my life i feel the grooves that are left behind. These

scars are attempting to heal, but life leaves nasty marks. I am taking care of them and moving towards the

next phase in life.